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Vegan & Verdure [n]: The health and vigor acheived while eating a fully plant-based diet.

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Change for the Better.

Just a few exciting highlights from my personal experiences while eating a vegan diet!

Since changing my eating habits:

I have lost 15 lbs.

I have run faster. (I ran a 5k on Saturday and it was less than challenging. Time to up the distance… half-marathon anyone?)

I have learned [and am still learning] how to cook.

I have become more informed.

I have learned how it feels to be judged and how to show love despite that because, well, now I know how it feels to be judged.

I have learned how to love and respect my body.

In this moment, I am the healthiest and happiest that I have ever been in my life.

What could possibly be more exciting than that? Knowing that I can keep pushing myself to learn more, eat more, run faster, and live longer.

Whoever thinks being vegan is boring, stupid, tasteless, and weird needs to do some serious re-evaluation because I absolutely LOVE my life!

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